If your office contributes to tobacco control, then it should be promoting awareness of tobacco industry interference. Find out by answering the questions below.

Does your office conduct any of the following activities?

Continuously and consistently raises awareness of policies relating to WHO FCTC Article 5.3.

Informs and educates all branches of government and the public about the addictive and harmful nature of  tobacco products, the need to protect public health policies from the commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry, and the strategies and tactics it uses.

Raises awareness about the tobacco industry’s practice of using individuals, front groups, and affiliated organizations to act, openly or covertly, on its behalf or to take action to further its interests.

Ensures that all branches of government and the public are informed and made aware of the true purpose and scope of the so-called corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of the tobacco industry.

Collects and exchanges knowledge and experience among pertinent agencies with respect to tobacco industry practices.

Monitors compliance with policies to counter tobacco industry interference, and supports the exchange of information to promote international cooperation in accordance with the WHO FCTC.

Engages the support of NGOs and other members of civil society (not affiliated with the tobacco industry) in monitoring tobacco industry activities as well as government’s compliance with policies to counter tobacco industry interference.

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