About Us

seatca-logoSEATCA  is a multi-sectoral alliance established to support ASEAN countries in developing and implementing effective tobacco control policies. It responds to the serious need to fast-track tobacco control policies in Southeast Asia. Working to identify tobacco control priorities in the region and coordinating efforts on these priorities, SEATCA promotes knowledge-sharing among countries for effective, evidence-based tobacco control measures and regional cooperation among its advocacy partners.

SEATCA is acknowledged by governments and academic institutions for its advancement of tobacco control movements in Southeast Asia. In 2004, the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) presented the World No Tobacco Day Award to SEATCA. WHO-WPRO has since engaged SEATCA to provide technical assistance directly to government officials across the region.



HealthJustice aims to bridge the gap between health and law to empower Filipinos to make healthy choices. The founding members of HealthJustice include doctors, lawyers, and economists who have been recognized for their services in both the private and public sector, especially in the field of promoting policy change in the fields of health, environment, and human rights.

The vision of HealthJustice is to enlighten Filipinos to make the right health choices and endow them with equal access to health. Its mission is to be the source of information (research), formation (alliance building), transformation (capacity building), and  translation (dissemination) for priority public health policies.