TI Market Share: THAILAND

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM), is a state owned enterprise of the Thai government, which has more than 50% of the cigarette market in the country. TTM is considered a government agency and several government officials work for the company. Philip Morris Thailand Limited (PMTL), in 1991, the company began distributing Philip Morris International brands for sale…

TI Market Share: SINGAPORE

The Singapore cigarette market is dominated by the top four transnational tobacco companies (Philip Morris Singapore, British American Tobacco Singapore, Japan Tobacco International Singapore, Imperial Tobacco Asia) controlling more than 97 percent of market share. Philip Morris Singapore owns 50 percent of the market share and its brands are imported from Philippines and Indonesia. British…


Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc (PMPMI) acquired Fortune Tobacco Corporation (FTC) in 2010 and became PMFTC. Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco continues to dominate the overall Philippine cigarette market, ending 2013 with 79% of total volume cigarette sales. Mighty Tobacco Corporation is a local tobacco company that sells mainly cheap cigarette brands.

TI Market Share: MYANMAR

Myanmar Foodstuffs Industries (MFI) is the manufacturer of cigarette brand Duya and Polo Nine. Reference British American Tobacco (BAT) is transnational tobacco company that has a joint venture with I.M.U Enterprise Ltd (IMU), which is part of Sein Wut Hmon Group, one of the leading local conglomerates in Myanmar, to distribute and market its brands….

TI Market Share: MALAYSIA

British American Tobacco (BAT – Malaysia) Berhad was established in Malaysia in 1912. It has dominated the Malaysian market having consistently held more than 60% of the country’s cigarette market through the years. Japan Tobacco International (JT) has 20% market share. Its leading brands, Winston, Salem and Mevius (previouslyMild Seven) Philip Morris (PM – Malaysia)…